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We are as a Marin Tug & Pilot Inc. have youngest and modern tugs in our fleet. Our company was established in 1998 by a wide range members of Turkish Maritime Community in order to increase quality of service in Turkish Ports.

Marin Tug & Pilot Inc. took the first step by ordering with two tugs and gradually reached nine followed by upcoming future projects.

Tugboat Company Marin Tug&Pilot Inc. through our modern fleet and well experienced marine staff, is giving harbour towage services, pilotage in respectively the ports Tekirdağ and Marmaris /Aksaz and pollution control, firefighting, emergency response and also open sea towage operations are handled with all national and international enquiries in respect of international towage regulations. By exploring new ideas and new concepts we distinguish ourselves from other tugboat companies worldwide.

Thank you very much for your interest to our company, hope to handle your ships to following seas or trustworthy port.

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