Marin Tug and Pilotage Inc., is a company established in 1998 by leading companies and individuals in the Turkish Maritime Industry. The company started its  harbour towage operations for the first time in 2001 by the T.C.D.D. Derince Port/Izmit Bay. Then, the company carried out harbour towage operations in Izmit Bay between 2003-2006, in Marmara Island between 2007-2013, in Marmaris Aksaz and Fethiye Ports between 2007-2012, and in Giresun Port between 2013-2014.

The company won the tender held in March 2017 for the pilotage and tugboat services of T.D.İ Tekirdağ Port, adding pilotage services to the harbour towage services as of April 2017. The company, between the years of 2017-2020 T.D.İ. provided pilotage and  harbour  towage services in Tekirdağ Port.

In 2019, Marin Tug and Pilotage Inc. started to provide harbour towage services in Aliağa/Nemrut and Kocaeli/Izmit Bay and pilotage services in Ambarlı Port and continues its services with its current experienced team and modern tugboat fleet.

With its strong tugboat fleet and experienced marine personnel, the company continues  towing operations that it started in 2009 in the same way. It is the first and only company in Turkey audited and certified by OCIMF for its towing operations upon the request of Chevron Shipping in 2018.