As Marin Tug and Pilot Inc., we provide a service that fulfills the demands of our customers with the principle of “Navigation, Life, Property and Environmental Safety First” in all our activities we carry out while providing our services. As Marin Tug and Pilot Inc. management with the Quality Management System we have established;  Our company adopts a practice that always includes preventive measures against the requirements of its customers and their comments, requests, suggestions or complaints, and strives to continuously improve the service/service quality.  The Company sets, monitors and reviews measurable and achievable quality targets to ensure continuous improvement.

All Company employees are required to know and understand this policy.

Prevent environmental accidents, occupational accidents and occupational diseases by evaluating the hazards related to Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and their severity, Use natural resources in the most efficient and effective way, Minimize waste and dispose of waste without harming the environment, Provide environmentally friendly and sensitive services by preventing and reducing all kinds of pollution at the source, Train all personnel and related parties, increase their responsibility awareness and competence, and ensure their participation in the system, Comply with national and international laws, regulations and conventions and other requirements, Meet all customer requirements and the requirements of the relevant standards by exceeding expectations, Continuously review and improve the current status of the Integrated Management System,

It undertakes that this policy will be communicated to all its employees and that it will ensure that it is understood.

Marin Tug and Pilot Inc.
Chairman of the Board


We care about our employees. We occasionally mingle our employees to share their experiences. Vast experience and cutting-edge knowledge come together. When it comes to our juniors on our tugboats, they are guided and trained by our most experienced tugboat master.

Training programs for our team are carried out both in our simulation center at university and in real-time maneuvers on tugboats or ships.